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Introduction to Group Grading

A brief tutorial video that outlines how grading group assignments works in I-Learn 3.

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L02 - Announcements

This tutorial introduces Announcements in I-Learn 3.

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L03: Grading Quizzes

An updated version of the I-learn 3 resource on how to grade and provide feedback for quizzes.

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L03 - Gradebook Intro And Customization

Updated version of the bootcamp I-Learn 3 training video.

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L01: InstructorProfile

A brief tutorial outlining where instructors are to update their instructor profile information in I-Learn 3.

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Grading with Groups in I-Learn 3

A brief tutorial explaining how to grade groups within the I-Learn 3 gradebook.

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L03: Grading Discussion Boards

A brief tutorial outlining how instructors can grade discussion boards in I-Learn 3.

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L02: Questions and Conversations

A tutorial outlining how online instructors will use the Questions and Conversations discussion board interaction.

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L03: Feedback Methods

How do you give feedback in I-Learn? Let us show you three methods for leaving different types of feedback.

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L03: Grading Assigments

A brief tutorial on how assignments will be graded by online instructors. To be used in I-Learn 3 Bootcamp.

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