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Bruce C. Hafen - "Faith Is Not Blind"

Forum address entitled "Faith Is Not Blind" given at BYU-Idaho on May 16, 2019 by Bruce C. Hafen and Marie Hafen.

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Bruce Satterfield: "The Postmortal Spirit World"

Bruce Satterfield's Education Week 2014 address.

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Bruce Satterfield "The Memoirs of a Palestinian"

the college of education and human development presents "The memoirs of a Palestinian". This college Forum was given Tursday June 19th 2014 by Bruce K. Satterfield.

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Bruce A. Carlson - "The Power of Choice"

Devotional given by Bruce A. Carlson on May 13, 2014. Titled "The Power of Choice."

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Bruce W. Johnson "Guiding Moments or Turning Points in Our Lives"

Devotional by Bruce W. Johnson on July 16, 2002, titled: "Guiding Moments or Turning Points in Our Lives "

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Bruce Satterfield "Becoming a Better Father in Zion"

Education Week Devotional by Bruce Satterfield on June 26th 2003 titled: "Becoming a Better Father in Zion"

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Bruce L. Olsen "Then, and Not Until Then …"

Devotional by Bruce L. Olsen, on March 2, 2004, Titled: "Then, and Not Until Then …"

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Bruce C. Kusch "Turning our Tents Towards the Temple"

Devotional by Brother Bruce C. Kusch on November 21, 2006, Titled: "Turning our Tents Towards the Temple"

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H. Bruce Stucki "You Decide Your Destiny"

Devotional by H. Bruce Stucki on March 15th 2005, titled:"You Decide Your Destiny"

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Bruce E. Hobbs "I Am a Child of God"

Devotional by Bruce E. Hobbs on August 9th 2005, titled:"I Am a Child of God"

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Bruce C. Hafen "For the Joy of Human Love"

Devotional by Bruce C. Haven on November 13th 2001, titled: "For the Joy of Human Love"

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Bruce A. Van Orden "Show Love & Compassion For Others"

Devotional by Bruce A. Van Orden on November 3rd 1998, titled: "Show Love & Compassion For Others"

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