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Disciple Leader Conference Winter 2019 - Mark Orchard

Address given by Mark Orchard at the Disciple Leader Conference at Brigham Young University-Idaho on January 25, 2019.

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Mark B. Woodruff "Always Abounding in Good Works"

Commencement give by Mark B. Woodruff on December 15, 2017 titled "Always Abounding in Good Works"

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Education Week Workshop with Mark Mathews Spring 2016

Mark Mathews discusses tough questions like "Are Mormons Christian?"

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Commencement Mark Woodruff Spring 2016

Mark Woodruff's Commencement Speech at Graduation Spring 2016

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Mark Bennion "When We Meet Again in Twenty Years"

Devotional address given by Mark Bennion on October 27, 2015. Titled: When We Meet Again in Twenty Years

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"God Has a Plan for Everyone" by Mark H. Willes

Devotional given by Mark H. Willes on March 24, 2005 called "God has a Plan for Everyone."

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Mark Lovell "Developing Sufficient Faith to Love"

Devotional by Mark Lovell on February 14, 2012 titled:"Developing Sufficient Faith to Love"

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Mark Woodruff "A More Excellent Way"

This is the speech Mark Woodruff gave at the BYU-I Winter 2014 commencement.

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Mark Pugh "The Great Plan of Happiness"

Devotional given by Mark Pugh on August 7th, 2012. Titled "The Great Plan of Happiness"

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Mark Nygren "Life Can Be a Great Teacher: Learn From It"

Devotional by Mark Nygren on September 1st 2009 titled: "Life Can Be a Great Teacher: Learn From It"

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