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Behavioral Based and Situational Questions

How to prepare and answer behavioral based and situational questions.

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A Vision for Improving Learning and Teaching

Rob Eaton describes vision for learning and teaching, scholarship, and more.

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William Lefevre: BYU-Idaho Student Learning Outcomes Project

WIilliam Lefevre answers the question; what is the learning model?

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Megan Parker: BYU-Idaho Student Learning Outcomes Project

Megan Parker answers the question: How familiar are you with the BYUI learning model?

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Semi-conservative Model Part 1

Conservative, Semi-conservative, Dispersive. Question: What are the theories of how genetic information is copied?

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The Fluid Mosaic Model of Membranes

This video talks about the Fluid Mosaic Model.

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Fluid Mosaic Model

What makes up a cell membrane? Explanation of phospholipids, hydrophobic and hydrphilic

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