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Fulfilling the Mission (YouTube)

This new video in the Spring 2016 issue of Upward represents how BYU-Idaho is fulfilling the mission initially outlined by President Gordon B. Hinckley in 2000. Learn more about the BYU-Idaho…

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BYU-Idaho Faculty Meeting Featuring Dr. Michelle Millar

Dr. Michelle D. Miller serves as Professor of Psychological Sciences and President’s Distinguished Teaching Fellow at Northern Arizona University. Dr. Miller’s academic background is in…

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W02 Anthropology Lecture

Course lecture for Week 2, Anthropology. Online Anthropology

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Using What-if Scores in the Gradebook

This video demonstrates how to use What if grades in the grade center.

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CIT Online “Super Hero”

A CIT professional works during the day at his office and comes home at night to teach online for BYU-Idaho, becoming a “Technology Hero” for his students.

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What is BYU-Pathway Worldwide?

An overview of how BYU-Pathway Worldwide works.

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A Blessing for Us – Angela Mencos

PathwayConnect gave Angela the opportunity to earn an online degree while providing for her family.

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Post-Pathway Gathering Pilot Welcome Message

Post-Pathway Gathering Pilot welcome message with Jon Linford - August 2017

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OIS-Professional video

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OIS- Kingdom video

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OIS- Homemaker video

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Science & Technology Center

Completed in 2016, the Science and Technology Center is the school's most recent addition. 1,096 exterior glass panels and 26 skylights provide an abundance of natural light, helping it to be…

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Homemakers make excellent instructors.

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My Path Led Here

Pathway alumni share their insights as they celebrate graduation from BYU-Idaho’s online degree program

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The Business Professional

A working professional finds time in his schedule to influence students all around the world as a BYU-Idaho online instructor

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Online Course Council Discussion - Fall 2016

A panel at BYU-Idaho discusses the online course council.

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Online Course Council Training - Fall 2016

Online course council training is offered to online instructors.

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2016 Online Learning Conference President Gilbert

President Gilbert Keynote Speaker for the Online Learning Conference

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2016 OLT Conference: Inspiring Connections

The 2016 Online Learning and Teaching Conference brought in 300 online instructors from around the country to connect and work with campus colleagues, course designers, and online learning…

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Teaching From Home

A stay-at-home mother finds time in her schedule to influence students all around the world as a BYU-Idaho online instructor.

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Pathway Instructor Intro

For Pathway Instructor Training

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Fred Faulkner


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Cummings Form


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Addies Voice


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Teaching Online at BYU-Idaho

A small glimpse into what it is like to be an online instructor at BYU-Idaho.

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Video explaining personal and subject matter jurisdiction with examples.

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How can you tell if a resource is scholarly

Chris Olsen Librarian

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Conversion Story - Lisa

Lisa shares how hearing the gospel gave her the courage and the tools to change her life for the better. (1:50)

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