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BYU-Idaho Alumni Profile: Doug & Stephanie Barclay

Doug and Stephanie Barclay share how they individually discovered their professional passions and how they now jointly balance successful careers while being true to their faith and family.

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BYU-Idaho Alumni Profiles: Claire Tanner

Claire Tanner shares how her studies in Graphic Design at BYU-Idaho helped prepare her to be a natural leader in the competitive fashion industry.

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Lehi Santana

Pathway helped Lehi find hope to face the unknown.

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David Sorensen

David made Pathway more than an academic endeavor: It became a spiritual journey that resulted in a spiritual rescue.

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Moses Conteh

Join Moses Conteh as he shares how Pathway has answered his prayers for the desire to build his education and grow spiritually.

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Krissel Gonzalez

See how Pathway is helping Krissel be an example to her two children and continue in her goal toward a college degree.

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Jennifer Ruiz

After having her first child, Jennifer Ruiz decided to put her career and education on hold. See how Pathway has helped Jennifer continue what she started years ago.

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BYU-Idaho Alumni Profiles: Andrea Bradley

Andrea Bradley has called Monterrey, Mexico home for the past five years. Moving to Mexico was a culture shock and presented many life challenges. A devotional at BYU-Idaho as well as the…

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BYU-Idaho Student Activities Leadership Profiles: Chase Harrison

Student Activities invites BYU-Idaho students to participate, volunteer or become leaders in its student-led programs and events. As a cancer survivor who received amazing support from his friends,…

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BYU-Idaho Alumni Profile: Stuart Draper

A business marketing class at BYU-Idaho changed Stuart Draper’s life. Watch how a class project turned into growing business for this BYU-Idaho entrepreneur.

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BYU-Idaho Alumni Profile: Ben & Amanda Buswell

Ben & Amanda Buswell share their experiences from their earliest Ricks College memories to what they are doing now as BYU-Idaho Ambassadors.

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BYU-Idaho Alumni Profile: Francisco & Christine Velasco

Meet the Velascos, a fun and energetic family from San Jose, CA who got their start at BYU-Idaho.

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BYU-Idaho Alumni Profile: Anita Sthalasayee

From Rexburg to New York City, Anita used her BYU-Idaho experience to land an internship and job with her favorite news network. Watch how she applies her education and the honor code to living in…

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BYU-Idaho Alumni Profile: Ty & Holly Engstrom

Meet Ty and Holly Engstrom from Vancouver, Washington. Watch to see how they have taken the lessons learned from BYU-Idaho and applied them to being a police officer, runner, mother and father.

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BYU-Idaho Alumni Profile: Josh & Amanda Sherwood

Whether it's traveling around the world for work, raising a family or passing through trials, Josh and Amanda have been there for each other. See how a strong foundation in the gospel and their…

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BYU-Idaho Alumni Profile: Brandon & Emily Dorman

Accomplished illustrator of the Fablehaven and Goosebumps series, BYU-Idaho alum Brandon Dorman shares how BYUI shapes his art.

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BYU-Idaho Alumni Profile: Emily & Chris McQueen

Meet Emily and Chris McQueen from San Jose, CA. See how this family used the resources of BYU-Idaho to overcome adversity and contribute to the community.

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