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Euleza Hymas - “Eternal Perspective and Our Potential”

Devotional address given by Euleza Hymas on September 1, 2015. Titled: Eternal Perspective and Our Potential

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Kyle Walker - “Submitting Cheerfully to the Will of the Lord”

Devotional given by Kyle Walker on August 25, 2015. Titled: Submitting Cheerfully to the Will of the Lord

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Dawn Shirley - "Are You Ready?"

Devotional address given by Dawn Shirly on August 18, 2015. Titled: Are You Ready?

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Derik Taylor - “Creating a Family Legacy”

Devotional address given by Derik Taylor on August 11, 2015. Titled: Creating a Family Legacy

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Mike Thueson - “Please Help Me!”

Devotional address given by Mike Thueson on August 4, 2015. Titled: Please Help Me!

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Brian Howard - “The Role of Media in Hastening the Work”

Devotional address given by Brian Howard on July 28, 2015. Titled "The Role of Media in Hastening the Work

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