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ASL: Henry J. Eyring - “A Steady, Upward Course”—Revisited

ASL translation of a devotional address by Henry J. Eyring on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 entitled “A Steady, Upward Course”—Revisited, given at the BYU-Idaho Center on the campus of…

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Defining Influence: Jon Snider

Jon Snider’s perspective changed because of Stephen Smith, Sociology & Social Work Faculty.

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Defining Influence: Kara Winder

Scott Martin, Psychology Visiting Faculty, taught Kara Winder the difference between fear and the right decision.

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Defining Influence: Donald Kelly

Donald Kelly describes how Kent Lundin, Drew Eagar, and Jason Earl of the Business Management Department became his mentors.

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Defining Influence: Muffin Grayson

Muffin Grayson recounts how Brian Memmott, Performing & Visual Arts Associate Dean of Online Development, helped shape her knowledge of design.

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Defining Influence: Tim Ng

Tim Ng discusses the impact of his teachers had on him.

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"A Steady Upward Course" by Henry B. Eyring

Devotional given at BYU-Idaho by Henry B. Eyring called "A Steady Upward Course" on September 18, 2001.

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Competitive Sports Honor (Basketball)

Personal Honor is a foundational principle of BYU-Idaho. Cliff Latham, an athlete in the competitive sports area within the student activities program, shares his advice on how personal honor will…

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