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Tommy Oakes - Ready To Gather With Those Who Share My Values

Tommy talks about attending BYUI where he can be with other students who share his values.

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AJ Johnson - Ready For A High-Value Education

AJ Johnson talks about why BYUI is a great value focusing on affordable education, valuable resources, and contact with industry professionals.

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Rylie Vanderwiel - Ready For Real-World Preparation

Rylie Vanderwiel shares how BYUI helped prepare her for real life after graduation.

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Noah Aguilera - Ready For Teaching-Focused Faculty

Noah Aguilera talks about how his BYUI teachers helped him succeed through Christ-like mentoring and one-on-one attention.

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Maddie Brennan - Ready To Realize My Potential

Maddie shares how she discovered her potential in the Virtual Design major at BYU-Idaho.

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I Need To Know - Concurrent Enrollment

Tyler Williams, the Director of Concurrent Enrollment, talks about the Concurrent Enrollment program at BYU-Idaho.

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President Eyring Legendary Student Video

Students describe why they came to BYU-Idaho. President Eyring prophesies about what graduates of BYU-Idaho can become.

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