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CHEM 101L - Course Introduction

CHEM 101L - Course Introduction

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Elder Henry B. Eyring - “Excerpts from ‘A Steady, Upward Course’ for Uncertain Times”

Selections taken from a talk given by Elder Henry B. Eyring at BYU-Idaho.

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C3 Labs: Outcomes

In the first video in the C3 series, Brother Eaton gives his insight into course vision through outcomes and intentionality.

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ASL: Henry J. Eyring - “A Steady, Upward Course”—Revisited

ASL translation of a devotional address by Henry J. Eyring on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 entitled “A Steady, Upward Course”—Revisited, given at the BYU-Idaho Center on the campus of…

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PC 102 Course Introduction

PC 102 Course Introduction

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Online Course Council Discussion - Fall 2016

A panel at BYU-Idaho discusses the online course council.

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Online Course Council Training - Fall 2016

Online course council training is offered to online instructors.

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"A Steady Upward Course" by Henry B. Eyring

Devotional given at BYU-Idaho by Henry B. Eyring called "A Steady Upward Course" on September 18, 2001.

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Brother Michael Bolingbroke - "Our True Course"

Devotional given by Michael Bollingbroke on December 9, 2014. Titled "Our True Course"

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Intro to Psych History Course

Intro to Psych History Course

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Richard D. Allred "True Course – Destination Verified"

Devotional by Richard D. Allred, on February 17, 2004, Titled: "True Course – Destination Verified"

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