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Obstructive Airway Disease

Pathology, causes, types, assessment findings, lab findings, diagnostic tests, medications/treatment, nursing interventions, emphysema, bronchitis. Question: What is obstructive airway disease?

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Infectious Diseases of the Heart- Pericarditis

A video explaining pericarditis, an infectious heart disease.

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Huntington's Disease

Assessment findings, causes, medications/treatment, nursing interventions, patient teaching. Question: What is huntington's disease?

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Raynaud's Phenomenon and Disease

Definition, pathology, causes, assessment findings, complications, Raynaud's disease vs Raynaud's phenomenon, medications/treatment, nursing interventions. Question: What is Raynaud's?

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Parkinson's Disease

This is a video about Parkinson's Disease

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Addison's Disease

This video discusses the adrenal cortex, hormones released from the adrenal cortex, negative feedback loop, and how addison's disease affects all of this, and pigmentation. Q: What is…

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Crohn's Disease vs Ulcerative Colitis

Comparison of Crohn's and UC, nursing interventions and diagnostic testing for inflammatory bowel disease Questions: What are the main differences between Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative…

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Addison's Disease Part 2

Addisonian crisis, treatment for Addison's, patient teaching Questions: What is the treatment for Addison's Disease?

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Addison's Disease Part 1

Definition and description of Addison's Disease, Addisonian Crisis, signs and symptoms of Addison's Disease Questions: What is Addison's Disease?

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Cushings Disease

Hormones involved with Cushing's, signs and symptoms, treatment Questions: What are the hormones affected with Cushing's Disease?

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Peripheral Vascular Diseases

Causes of PAD, positiong for PAD and PVD, Other nursing interventions for PVD beside positioning. Question: What is PAD and PVD?

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