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Major Discovery: Economics

Sister Mindi Martin from the Economics Department shares some advice about the Economics Major. The economics degree is often different from the economics classes offered at the high school level.…

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Major Discovery: Agribusiness

Brother Jeremy Slade from the Economics Department gives insight to the Agribusiness major. There are many areas that students can prepare for after college. These can include, farming and ranching,…

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Budget Constraint

Budget Constraint

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Budget Constraint with an Indifference Curve

(What is a budget constraint? When income or pricee changes, how is the budget line affected?) This Economic 150 video teaches budget constraint, and change in income. Question: What is an…

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Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand

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Supply and Demand Shift affecting price and quantity

Supply and Demand- How it Affects Price and Quantity

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Forces of Equilibrium

Forces of Equilibrium

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Economic Profit

Economic profit and if firms will enter or exit the industry. Question: What is economic profit?

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Circular Flow Diagram

Parts of the circular flow diagram. Question: What are the parts of the circular flow diagram?

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Supply and Demand Curve Shift Part II

Shifts in supply and demand. Question: What effect do shifts in supply and demand have on quantity and price?

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