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Part 3: Helping Students Seek Feedback

Helping Students Seek Feedback. Part 3 of 11

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L03: Feedback Methods

How do you give feedback in I-Learn? Let us show you three methods for leaving different types of feedback.

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FDREL 130 - Teaching and Feedback Video

A basic introduction to MTC-like teaching experiences and giving and receiving feedback in the BYU-Idaho hybrid and online Mission Prep classrooms.

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Negative Feedback Loops

The general Negative feedback loop, examples such as homeostasis of body heat. Positive feedback loop. What terms in negatvie feecback loop mean Questions: What is a negative feedback loop? What…

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Negative Feedback Loop

Negative Feedback Loop

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Addison's Disease

This video discusses the adrenal cortex, hormones released from the adrenal cortex, negative feedback loop, and how addison's disease affects all of this, and pigmentation. Q: What is…

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Negative and Positive Feedback with Hormones

The portal system from the hypothalamus to the anterior pituitary. Negative feedback explained by examples of TRH, TSH, and T3 and T4. Positive feedback explained by example of childbirth with the…

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Giving and Receiving Peer Feedback

Writing Center video discussing how to give and receive feedback

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