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Duration of Illness - Acute, Chronic, and Latent

The difference between acute, chronic and latent infections, including the presence or abscence of an incubation period, prodromal period, period of illness, period of decline, and convalesence. Q:…

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Plotting vectors into polar coordinates

Path of a Plane Part 3

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Bacteria VS. Viruses Part 3

pili, plasmids, bacterial chromosome, conjugation, bacterial vs. viral genome. Viral spikes, capsid, spikes

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Bacterial Structure Part 3

A continuation of the bacterial structures discussion: endosopores and capsules. Questions: What are the differences between endospores and capsules?

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Nursing interventions and assessments for a patient going through paracentesis. Question: What is a treatment the doctor might order for ascites?

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Glycolysis Part 3

This video explains glycolysis part 3.

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Quantum Practice Part 3

This video explains quantum practice part 3.

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Relevant Cost Decisions - Special Order - Part 3

How to simplify the process of finding Incremental income from the special order. Question: How do I find the incremental income with just the incremental information?

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Capitalization of Interest Part 3

Finding the values for avoidable and actual interest and their difference. Question: How to we compute the avoidable and actual interest?

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Polyprotic Acids Part III

This video covers the third part of Polyprotic Acids.

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Naming Ionic, Molecular and Acids Part 3

Transition metals. Ending of names. Question: What is the name for CuI?

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Nephron Function Part III

Reabsorption in the nephron, aldosterone, ADH Questions: How does the nephron reabsorb water and sodium?

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Lineweaver Burk Plots Part II

This video covers the second part of Lineweaver Burk Plots.

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Calculating Percent Yields Part 2

Percent yield; molar ratios; conversions; anhydrous vs hydrous; limiting reactant. Question: How do you calculate percent yields and find the limiting reactants?

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Gas Exchange - Sympathetic Dilation

Quick overview of gas exchange from the alveoli to the tissues with a few figures of partial pressures and atmospheric pressure. Scenarios where the sympathetic system would dilate certain blood…

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