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ASL: Elder and Sister Ronald A. Rasband - “Rome, a ‘Hinge Point’ in History”

ASL translation of a devotional address by Ronald A. Rasband and Melanie Rasband on Tuesday, April 28, 2019 entitled “Rome, a ‘Hinge Point’ in History,” given at the BYU-Idaho…

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Mackenzie Eaton: BYU-Idaho Student Learning Outcomes Project

Mackenzie Eaton answers the question: Have you had any major turning point while at BYU Idaho?

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Melting Point

This video explains melting point.

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FOB Shipping Point and Destination

Determining what FOB shipping point and destination mean and the effects that they have for the buyer and the seller. Question: How do you determine and what are the effects of FOB shipping point…

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pI of Protein

This video teaches about the isoelectric point of protein.

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Equivalence Point for Weak Acid and Strong Base

A brief definition of equivalence point during a titration is given and how to calculate pH for equivalence point. Question: What is the equivalence point during a titration and how do you solve for…

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Well Past Equivalence Point

This video talks about the Well Past Equivalence Point.

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Point of View

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