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Withdrawal Reflex Overview

Can we review the Withdrawel Reflex? Nociceptor sends sensory neuron and recieves EPSP and IPSP to contract themuscle in response to pain

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Golgi Tendon Reflex

What is the function of the Golgi tendon? Golgi tendon and organ

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Stretch Reflex

(What is the cycle of the stretch reflex?) This biology 264 video teaches about Muscle spindles are streched, send sensory neurons to the spinal cord, motor neurons effect the muscle being stretched.

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Chemoreceptor Reflex

This video discusses the chemoreceptor reflex.

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Baroreceptor Reflex

What baroreceptors are. What the point is of the baroreceptor reflex. How it works. Teaches about it's interactions with action potentials in the heart. Epinephrine and vasodilation. Q: What…

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