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Four Sympathetic Nervous System Routes

What are the four sympathetic nervous system routes? Spinal nerves, sympathetic nerves, splachnic, adrenal medulla

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Neurons of the ANS

What do the odd and even receptors do in the ANS? The differences of neurons, receptors and divisions of the ANS

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The Extrinsic Control of the Cardiac Cycle

This is a video about how the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems effect the heart.

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Four Pathways of Sympathetic Nervous System

What are the four pathways of the sympathetic nervous system? the four pathways and synapse points

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Review of Antagonist and Agonist Use on Receptors

How do antagonist and agonist precesses effect receptors various antagonist and agonist processes on different receptors

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Functions of Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Systems

What parts of the body do these two systems control? Body parts controled by Parasympathetic and sympathetic systems

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