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Darryl Foutz - "The Tests and Trials of Life"

BYU-Idaho devotional address by Darryl Foutz given on June 21, 2016. Titled: The Tests and Trials of Life CLICK HERE for ASL Translation

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Onward in Faith

Promises of blessings made to the saints who settled the Rexburg area over 125 years ago are manifest today and hold true for today’s pioneers.

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Marcel - The Difficulties of Being a New Member

A new member discusses being a new member

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Hansika - Enduring through Trials after Baptism

A new member disccuses enduring trials after baptism

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H. Burke Peterson "Trials Bring Growth"

Devotional by H. Burke Peterson, on March 24 1998, Titled: "Trials Bring Growth"

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Larry Richman "Learning through Life's Trials"

Devotional by Larry Richman on October 30, 2007, Titled: "Learning through Life's Trials"

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Gerald N. Lund "Our Trials Bring Us Close To God"

Devotional by Gerald N. Lund on April 14th 1998, titled: "Our Trials Bring Us Close To God"

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Jo Anne Kay - "Of Trials and Angels"

Devotional by Jo Anne Kay on June 11th, 2013, Titled "Of Trials and Angels"

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BYU-Idaho Alumni Profile: Josh & Amanda Sherwood

Whether it's traveling around the world for work, raising a family or passing through trials, Josh and Amanda have been there for each other. See how a strong foundation in the gospel and their…

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