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Nursing Interventions for Pressure Ulcers

Positioning, nursing diagnosises for pressure ulcers, SMART goals, documentation of pressure ulcers, risk factors for poor healing, nutrition for proper healing, indications of infection. Question:…

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Pressure Ulcers

Prevention of pressure ulcers, stages of pressure ulcers, wound assessment, wet-to-dry dressings, patient teaching. Question: How could pressure ulcers be avoided?

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Unstageable Pressure Ulcers and Deep Tissue Injury

Slough, eschar, role of wound care nurse, deep tissue injury, prevention of shear, prevention of pressure ulcers. Question: What is slough and eschar?

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Pressure Ulcer Staging

Pressure ulcer staging, blanching, nursing interventions to prevent pressure ulcers, nursing diagnosis for each stage, undermining, tunneling. Question: What are the stages of pressure ulcers?

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