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CHILD 210 Active Sleep

Unit 02 > Chapter 05: Biosocial > CH05 Body Changes > Active Sleep 123321_03D1C5_ActiveSleep(20)

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Students Become an Active Part of Their Own Learning

This video shows a student testifying of the Learning Model and how it helps students become an active part in their own learning process.

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Learning by Doing

Experiential learning at BYU-Idaho

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Passive and Active Reason

Passive and Active Reason

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PKA of Amino Acids in Active Site

This video explains PKA of amino acids in active state.

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Active and Passive Channels

What channels are active and passive? the difference between mechanical, ligand, and voltage gated channels and what ones allow for active and passive transport

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Secondary Active Transport

How does secondary active transport work? An example of Glut 2 transporter is used to explain

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