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Kidney Nephrons

This video discusses the structures of the kidney nephron, how filtration, absorption, and secretion take place. Influence of antidiuretic hormone on water water reabsorption. Q: What is the…

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Cell vs Antibody Mediated Immunity

This video discusses antibody functions. Q: What are the functions of the antibodies?

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Cytotoxic T-Cells and B-Cells

This video discusses cytotoxic T-cell activation, function, brief explanation of viruses, B-cell activation, and antibody production. Q: What is the difference between b-cells and t-cells?

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Cardiac Action Potentials

This video discusses how action potentials occur within the heart and their differences to skeletal muscle. Q: What is the process of a myocardial action potential?

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Heart Contractions

Anatomy of the heart including the conducting system and how it causes blood to flow. Q: What causes blood to move through the heart?

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This video discusses vaccines.

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Glycolysis part 1

What are the steps of glycolysis? Beginning steps of glycolysis

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Blood Pressure and ADH

This video explains the effects Anti-Diuretic Hormone and Atrial Natriuretic hormone have on blood pressure and the effects high blood pressure has on the tissues. Q: What is the difference between…

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Blood Travel Through the Heart

This video will discuss the direction of blood travel through the heart, semilunar valves, and dicrotic notch in the cardiac cycle. Q: What is the dicrotic notch? How does the blood travel through…

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