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BIO265-Making Red Blood Cells Video

BIO265-Making Red Blood Cells Video

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Blood Calcium Homeostasis

Blood Calcium Homeostasis

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Blood Pressure & pH

A video explaining the process by which blood pressure is regulated through pH and gas exchange. Q: How does the chemoreceptor reflex regulate Blood Pressure?

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Brain Blood Supply & Blood Brain Barrier

This video explains the brain blood supply and the blood brain barrier.

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Heart and Blood Pressure

Cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, explanation of blood pressure, risk factors for hypertension. Question: Overview of cardiac anatomy

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Blood Brain Barrier

What is the function of the Blood Brain barrier? Use of Astrocytes to protect brain

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Stress Relaxation Response - Basics of Shock

This video is very good if you have a difficulty understanding shock. This video covers what happens to your blood vessels during shock, and briefly covers the different types of shock. Questions:…

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Anti-Diuretic Hormone

This video discusses how ADH works. Q: What is ADH?

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Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System

Same as "Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone Mechanism" which is just the cascade effect from the kidney, but this video also includes a little information about aldosterone as a hormone, and how…

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Atrial Natriuretic and Fluid Shift Mechanisms

This video discusses the Atrial Natriuretic mechanism, along with the fluid shift mechanism. Q: What are the different long term blood pressure regulation mechanisms?

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Chemoreceptor Reflex - Adrenal Medullary Mechanism - and CNS Ischemic Response

Chemoreceptor reflex mechanism with a brief review of pH and application questions, adrenal medullary mechanism, CNS ischemic response mechanism. Q: What are the different short term blood pressure…

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Regulating Blood Pressure - Baroreceptor Reflex

This video is about the baroreceptor reflex mechanism for short term blood pressure regulation, along with application questions given by the tutor to help the students apply what they know. Q: What…

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Blood Pressure & pH Part II

How CO2 and pH levels cause increase or decrease of heart rate; how this affects blood pressure. Q: How does pH affect the responses involved in maintaining blood pressure?

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Blood Pressure and pH Part I

This video discusses blood pressure.

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Blood Pressure & EKG

This video discusses regulation of blood pressure through baroreceptors and chemoreceptors, and how to read an EKG. Q: How is blood pressure regulated?

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Heart Contractions

Anatomy of the heart including the conducting system and how it causes blood to flow. Q: What causes blood to move through the heart?

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Blood Pressure and ADH

This video explains the effects Anti-Diuretic Hormone and Atrial Natriuretic hormone have on blood pressure and the effects high blood pressure has on the tissues. Q: What is the difference between…

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Blood Pressure Regulation

This video talks about how blood pressure is regulated via the baroreceptor reflex arc. Q: What are the mechanisms that regulate blood pressure?

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Blood Tests

This video talks about different blood tests: CBC, hematocrit, hemoglobin count, white blood cell count, and blood typing. Q: Which blood tests do we need to know?

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Blood Type Part 2

This video is about Rh factor along with the application of it in hemolytic disease of the newborn, and how we know our blood type (tests that we do in lab). Q: What is the Rh factor? How does it…

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Blood Type Part I

This is a video that discusses Antigens vs antibodies, A,B,O gang analogy, Rh factor, and how all of these interact with one another. Q: What are the different blood types? Q:Which antibodies do…

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This video talks about how blood cells are formed; The amount of hematocrit in blood volume. Q: What are the key things about blood to understand?

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Blood Flow in the Chambers of the Heart

The anatomical structures of the heart and how blood passes through them during systole and diastole. Q: How does blood flow through the heart?

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Complete Blood Count

Interpretation of CBC results, causes of abnormal results, CPR compression ratio Questions: What is included in a CBC?

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Gas Exchange - Sympathetic Dilation

Quick overview of gas exchange from the alveoli to the tissues with a few figures of partial pressures and atmospheric pressure. Scenarios where the sympathetic system would dilate certain blood…

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Blood Doping - Peripheral Resistance

This video is about how blood doping happens, lance armstrong's blood doping, and peripheral resistance. Q: What is blood doping? What is peripheral resistance?

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Blood Type

Blood typing explaining the different antigens and antibodies produced, transfusion scenarios. Q: How do we know which blood types can give to each other?

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Blood Pressure

Nurs 100

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