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Blood Type Part 2

This video is about Rh factor along with the application of it in hemolytic disease of the newborn, and how we know our blood type (tests that we do in lab). Q: What is the Rh factor? How does it…

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Blood Type Part I

This is a video that discusses Antigens vs antibodies, A,B,O gang analogy, Rh factor, and how all of these interact with one another. Q: What are the different blood types? Q:Which antibodies do…

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Gas Exchange - Sympathetic Dilation

Quick overview of gas exchange from the alveoli to the tissues with a few figures of partial pressures and atmospheric pressure. Scenarios where the sympathetic system would dilate certain blood…

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Blood Type

Blood typing explaining the different antigens and antibodies produced, transfusion scenarios. Q: How do we know which blood types can give to each other?

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