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Major Discovery: Dance

Sister Wendy Bone from the Theater and Dance Department gives some insight into the Dance Major on Campus. There are two emphases offered, these include choreography and performance, and pedagogy.…

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Video of the Bone Dance on 5-14-14 for Lizzy House surface design/print making

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Bone Regulation Part II

An explanation of how stress lines are formed in the bone. Q: What are stress lines and how are they formed?

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Bone Regulation Part I

An explanation of what the parathyroid hormone is, where it is released, and its affect on osteoclasts. Our need for calcium in the body. Vitamin D deficiency (rickets), and how vitamin D helps us…

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Endochondral Ossification Part II

This video is about the steps of endochondral ossification, epiphyseal plates, and bone growth. Q: What are the steps through endochondral ossification?

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Bone Growth

What causes bone growth and loss? Thyroid and pituitary glands, PTH

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Wendy Bone "If Thou Art Merry"

Devotional by Wendy Bone on October 14, 2008, Titled: "If Thou Art Merry"

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