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Stomach Cells in Upper Digestion Part 1

This video covers parietal cells, and how it interacts with the bicarbonate buffer system in our bodies. Questions: What are the cells of digestion?

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Stomach Cells in Upper Digestion Part 2

This video covers how the enteric nervous system works with the ECL cells, cheif cells, G-cells, and D-cells. The video is a continuation of "Stomach Cells In Upper Digestion Part 1".…

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Stomach Cells in Upper Digestion Part 3

This video is a continuation on the discussion of the stomach cells, but covers what gastrin does, and what somatostatin does. It also explains what would happen if somatostatin wasn't present…

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Bicarbonate Buffer in Digestion

This video is about what the key elements of the bicarbonate buffer system are, and how they are reversible to maintain proper pH. Q: What is the Bicarbonate Buffer and how does it work?

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