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Major Discovery: Computer Engineering & Electrical Engineering

Brother Richard Grimmett from the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department Gives insight into two similar majors. These are the Computer Engineering Major and the Electrical Engineering…

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Fire, Poison, and Electrical Safety

fire/poison/electrical safety, hyperglycemia, random facts for the test Question: What's going to be on the test?

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Electrical Conduction

Reasons wh the SA node is the pacemaker, relative refractory period vs absolute refractory period. Q: Why is the SA node the pacemaker?

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Electrical Chemical Gradient Part II

concentration gradients, hyperpolarization, refractory periods Questions: What direction do the different ions flow and what causes hyperpolarization?

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Electrical Chemical Gradient Part I

How does an electrical chemical gradient cause an action potential? How ions move according to gradients to cause an action potential

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