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Enthalpy: Heat Released or Absorbed

Practice problems with heat being released/absorbed. Question: What does endo/exothermic reaction mean?

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Entropy and Enthalpy

The tutor goes over when entropy and enthalpy are positive or negative in relation to phase changes. Question: In regards to changing states of matter (solid, liquid, gas), how does enthalpy and…

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Entropy and Enthalpy Part 2

The tutor finishes explaining Hess's law in relation to thermodynamics and how the negative or positive sign of the enthalpy given for a reaction tells us if the reaction is exothermic or…

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Entropy and Enthalpy Part 1

A tutor discusses questions that the student has concerning entropy and enthalpy. A number of equations are given that deal with entropy. A discussion on the second and first laws of thermodynamics…

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