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How Can I Use Technology to Foster the Emotional Processing of Course Content?

By Flower Darby There is increasing evidence to suggest that emotions play a large part in how people learn. Recent research shows that emotion and cognition are intricately related. It is…

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What Tools Can I Use to Ensure I Have Effective Coaching Conversations with Faculty?

By Nicki Monahan, MEd This program focuses on how to engage in effective coaching conversations with faculty about teaching and learning. It begins with explaining the importance of having clearly…

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What Brain-Based Techniques Can I Use to Engage Students During Class?

By Tom Saleska, Ph.D. and Sarah Lovern, Ph.D. This program demonstrates several techniques to engage student brains in learning. All can be incorporated into either a traditional 50-minute or a…

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Beyond Syllabus Policies: What Strategies Help Students Take Responsibility for Learning?

By Lolita Paff, PhD Many syllabi are filled with detailed description of course policies delineating, in great detail, the consequences of violating the rules set by the teacher. Are policies and…

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How Can I Connect Students' Interests to Course Content?

By Alice Cassidy, Ph.D. IMPROVE STUDENT LEARNING When students see a clear link between their concerns and your course content, teaching and learning improve. The trick is establishing those…

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How Can I Add Choice to My Course to Give Students Autonomy and Motivate Deep Learning?

By Kristin Ziska Strange Authentic assessment can be difficult when you are faced with a vastly diverse audience of students. How can we best meet their needs when each of their learning styles,…

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How Can Talking through Course Evaluations Improve My Teaching?

By Maryellen Weimer, PhD This program explores three conversations faculty might have when discussing course evaluation results—the conversation with one’s self about negative…

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How Should I Coach an Underperforming Colleague?

By Robert Cipriano, Ed.D. and Jeffrey Buller, PhD. In the corporate world, there are bosses and direct reports. In higher education, supervisors are also colleagues, which makes dealing with…

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How Can I Write a Course Syllabus That's Worth Reading?

By Tona Hangen, PhD Your syllabus is one of the first impressions your course will make on your students. Need an “aha” moment to punch up your syllabi? Learn how to transform them…

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How Can I Teach Soft Skills to Better Prepare Students for the Workplace?

By Erik Christensen Employers demand a talent pool armed with both hard and soft skills. Sadly, the focus on development of the soft skills ends somewhere between kindergarten and college. This…

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How Do I Release My Students’ Natural Zest and Curiosity for Better Learning?

By Lolita Paff, PhD TURN STUDENTS INTO LEARNERS BY UNLEASHING THEIR CURIOSITY Studies have shown that students who are deeply interested in their coursework perform better academically. Their…

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How Can I Be an Effective Mentor?

By Ken Alford, PhD LEARN THE PRINCIPLES OF MENTORING AND SEE THEM IN ACTION Just because people are experts in their fields, or really know how to handle themselves in the culture of higher…

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How Can I Effectively Mentor Students?

By Ken Alford Every time you interact with a student, you’re in a mentoring environment. This is simply part of your role as a faculty member. And while being a mentor is a real part of the…

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How Can I Encourage Students to Stay Connected with Course Content After Class?

By Tom Saleska and Sarah Lovern. Rehearsal and reflection are two scientifically proven techniques that affect student brain activity and extend the classroom experience. Learn techniques you can…

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How Can I Get Students to Take Responsibility for Their Own Learning?

Learn how incorporating findings from cognitve and educational psychology research can help you encourage students to take charge of their own learning (with Christy Price, Ed.D.).

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Learner-Centered Teaching: Where Should I Start?

Dr. Maryellen Weimer shares three strategies that demonstrate how learner-centered approches can benefit teachers and students.

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