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Respiration (O2 Pressure)

This video covers the partial pressures of oxygen in the veins, arteries, atmosphere, and alveoli. It goes into depth on how the oxygen gets to lower pressures vs higher pressures, and briefly covers…

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Oxygen Hemoglobin Dissociation Curve

Where there is a higher level of oxygen in the body. Where hemoglobin will drop off oxygen in exchange for CO2. Emphasis on CO2 being the main factor in shifting the curve. What it means when the…

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Oxygen Safety

Oxygen saftey, patient teaching, oxygen titration. Question: What are some safety precautions for oxygen?

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Oxygen Delivery

Oxygen delivery devices, low flow and high flow oxygen delivery Question: What devices are used for oxygen delivery?

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Oxygen Saturation

Definition of oxygen saturation, sign of hypoxia (early and late), nursing interventions for low O2 sats, Question: What does oxygen saturation measure?

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