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Student Express: Pick Up a Reservation

Learn how and where to pick up reserved textbooks and course materials, parking passes, and I-Cards.

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Student Express: Create a Reservation

Learn how to use Student Express to reserve textbooks and course materials, parking passes, and an I-Card.

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Walk When Possible

The Parking Guy finds two students from Texas who are great examples bad parking.

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Too Far

The Parking Guy accosts to pedestrians who he overhears complaining about the length of their sojourn in pedestrian-dom.

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The Parking Guy demonstrates his cutting edge walking technique which is guaranteed to maximize efficiency.

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Walk Or Drive

The ultimate showdown between avid pedestrian Jim, and dedicated vehicular transport supporter Steve. The two competitors battle it out to see, once and for all, which mode of transportation is most…

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One million dollars would help build a pretty legitamate teleportation device. This man would use such futuristic technology to make his way to class.

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No Parking

The Parking Guy and Assistant Kevin instruct the public about where not to park.

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City Guy

The Parking Guy encounters the City Parking Guy and things go sour.

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Reverse Angle

The Parking Guy explains his simple 76-step program to reverse angle parking,

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Stolen Parking

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Parking Spaces

The Parking Guy introduces the masses to the PGPSL (Parking Guy Parking Spot Locater).

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Stolen Parking

The Parking Guy, Assistant Janet, and some other guy explain why you shoulldn't steal parking spaces in apartment complex parking lots from the law abiding citizens of the heretofore mentioned…

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