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Jill Evans - "Leading Like the Savior"

In March 2021, Jill Evans, the Student Development Managing Director, shared insights for how we can improve our leadership skills and become more like the Savior in this aspect.

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Jerrod Guddat - "Golden Plates to Gospel Greats!"

In February 2021, BYU-I Support Center Director, Jerrod Guddat, presented the numerous Church Apps we have at our disposal to help us study the gospel in new and innovative ways and build our…

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Jennifer Hunter - "Emotional Intelligence"

In January 2021, BYU-Idaho Curriculum Designer, Jennifer Hunter, shared helpful thoughts about building and maintaining emotional intelligence.

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Tyler and Kyra Martin - “Maintain, Don’t Gain”

In December 2020, Tyler and Kyra Martin, owners of Teton CrossFit, shared simple ideas on how to Maintain, and not Gain weight, especially during the holiday season.

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Timothy Rarick - “Communication Skills are Both Overrated and Likely Not the Problem”

In September 2020, Timothy Rarick, a Faculty Member of the Home and Family Department, shared with us ways to improve and strengthen both our personal and professional relationships.

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