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How and What We Study in Sociology

Structure, stats, currents and facts in Sociology. The "how" and "what" we study in sociology. Question: How do the components of how we study sociolgy apply to the study of…

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Theories of Sociology

Functionalism, symbolic interactionism, exchange theory and conflict theory descriptions. Questions: What are the four main types of theories in sociology and how to they play a role in sociology?

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The Sociological Imagination

How imagination applies to society. Troubles vs. Issues. Question: What is imagination?

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Basics of Sociology

Methodology, Power Classification, Role vs. Status, Race vs. Ethnicity. Question: What is Sociology?

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Marx and Conflict Theory

Conflict theory relating to communism. bourgeoisie and proletariats: their differences and roles in society. Question: Why is Karl Marx a prominent figure in early sociology?

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