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Major Discovery: Sociology

Brother Mike Abel from the Sociology and Social Work Department explains the importance of the Sociology major. Students in this major will study the world by looking outside themselves at people,…

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Major Discovery: Social Work

Brother Grover Wray from the Sociology and Social Work Department helps us understand the importance of Social Work and the aspects students should know about it and be ready for before they start on…

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How and What We Study in Sociology

Structure, stats, currents and facts in Sociology. The "how" and "what" we study in sociology. Question: How do the components of how we study sociolgy apply to the study of…

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Theories of Sociology

Functionalism, symbolic interactionism, exchange theory and conflict theory descriptions. Questions: What are the four main types of theories in sociology and how to they play a role in sociology?

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The Sociological Imagination

How imagination applies to society. Troubles vs. Issues. Question: What is imagination?

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Basics of Sociology

Methodology, Power Classification, Role vs. Status, Race vs. Ethnicity. Question: What is Sociology?

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Marx and Conflict Theory

Conflict theory relating to communism. bourgeoisie and proletariats: their differences and roles in society. Question: Why is Karl Marx a prominent figure in early sociology?

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