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Compliment Booth

Give a compliment, receive a compliment…There is power in building one another up in positive ways with the words we share. Watch individuals truly light up as they both give and receive…

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Common Ground

Finding common ground is critical to creating and building any sort of relationship, especially when it comes to roommates. Watch to see how complete strangers found common ground in a ball pit.

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I Need To Know - Housing

Troy Daugherty, Director of Housing, talks about housing options at BYU-Idaho and the principles of student living.

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Housing Security Deposit

Housing contracts are often difficult to understand. But when you do you can navigate them to your advantage. Watch this short video to learn how to protect and secure your security deposit.

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Letter of Gratitude

Students were challenged to write a short letter of gratitude to a roommate. See what they said.

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Giant Trash

Taking out the trash.

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Home is more than.....

Home is more than just where you live.

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Centre Square - Student Living Week

Highlights of Student Living Week activities at Centre Square.

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House Vs. Home

Make your apartment a home.

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The Golden Rule

Living the Golden Rule at BYU-Idaho.

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Home Evening

Learn how to have an effective home evening with your home evening groups.

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Student Living: A Pattern for Becoming Like the Savior

A conversation with President Gilbert on how to develop Christ-like love for your roommates and to be the kind of roommate you would want for yourself.

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Reaching Out

Will you reach out to your roommates? Deciding to involve or not involve a roommate can significantly impact an apartment and an individual. It's not where you live...but how.

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University Village BYU-Idaho apartments

Come and see what University Village is like.

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Centre Square Spotlight

A video spotlight of Centre Square Apartments opening Fall 2015 for men and women depicting the culture that Centre Square promotes and the beautiful and functional space it offers. Centre Square is…

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Apartment Council_short

What are the elements of a successful apartment council?

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Apartment Council

Student Living and Housing production that shows the principles behind building Zion with an Apartment council through the example of an apartment. Starting by showing what students think apartment…

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Seeking Learning by Study & Faith

Discover the key aspects that make a BYU-Idaho education an experience for a lifetime.

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A Student Living Apartment

What does an apartment look like which lives the principles of Student Living?

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Student Living: The Role of Managers

Apartment Managers learn more about their role in assisting tenants to live the principles of Student Living.

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Ward and Stake Leaders

President Kim B. Clark explains how Ward and Stake leaders can be aided by Student Living principles.

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Student Living History and Principles

President Kim B. Clark talks about the history and guiding principles of Student Living.

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Building Zion

President Kim B. Clark describes how we can build Zion within our own apartments.

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