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Regulation of Enzymes

This video explains regulation of enzymes.

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Respiration Regulation of CO2 and O2

What causes either an increase of decrease in repiration rates? hypethetical situations for determing if respiation increases of decreases.

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Heart Regulation Differences and Murmurs

The differing mechanisms of extrinsic and intrinsic heart regulation and heart sounds. Featuring an exclusive heart sound demo by Brandon Stirling. Q: What is the difference between internal and…

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Bone Regulation Part II

An explanation of how stress lines are formed in the bone. Q: What are stress lines and how are they formed?

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Bone Regulation Part I

An explanation of what the parathyroid hormone is, where it is released, and its affect on osteoclasts. Our need for calcium in the body. Vitamin D deficiency (rickets), and how vitamin D helps us…

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Stress Relaxation Response - Basics of Shock

This video is very good if you have a difficulty understanding shock. This video covers what happens to your blood vessels during shock, and briefly covers the different types of shock. Questions:…

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Anti-Diuretic Hormone

This video discusses how ADH works. Q: What is ADH?

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Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System

Same as "Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone Mechanism" which is just the cascade effect from the kidney, but this video also includes a little information about aldosterone as a hormone, and how…

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Atrial Natriuretic and Fluid Shift Mechanisms

This video discusses the Atrial Natriuretic mechanism, along with the fluid shift mechanism. Q: What are the different long term blood pressure regulation mechanisms?

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Chemoreceptor Reflex - Adrenal Medullary Mechanism - and CNS Ischemic Response

Chemoreceptor reflex mechanism with a brief review of pH and application questions, adrenal medullary mechanism, CNS ischemic response mechanism. Q: What are the different short term blood pressure…

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Regulating Blood Pressure - Baroreceptor Reflex

This video is about the baroreceptor reflex mechanism for short term blood pressure regulation, along with application questions given by the tutor to help the students apply what they know. Q: What…

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Blood Pressure and ADH

This video explains the effects Anti-Diuretic Hormone and Atrial Natriuretic hormone have on blood pressure and the effects high blood pressure has on the tissues. Q: What is the difference between…

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H+ and K+ Regulation

Alkalosis effect on potassium, acidosis effect on potassium, chloride and sodium bicarb relationship, metastatic calcifications. Question: What is the effect of alkalosis and acidosis on potassium?

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