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Faculty Workshop with Peter Felten

Workshop for BYU-Idaho Faculty held on May 14th, 2021. Guest speaker Peter Felten, author of "Relationship Rich Education."

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Learning & Teaching General Faculty Meeting with Peter Felten

General faculty meeting specific to the scholarship of learning and teaching. Peter Felten, author of "Relationship Rich Education" spoke in a General Faculty Meeting on Thursday, May 13,…

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Academic Council Fall 2020 | Becoming Natural Mentors by Rob Eaton

Rob Eaton spent Spring 2020 semester writing a book with Bonnie Moon and Steve Hunsaker. The focus of the book is "How faculty concern affects student mental health." This video is…

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I Need To Know - Housing

Troy Daugherty, Director of Housing, talks about housing options at BYU-Idaho and the principles of student living.

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Housing Security Deposit

Housing contracts are often difficult to understand. But when you do you can navigate them to your advantage. Watch this short video to learn how to protect and secure your security deposit.

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Letter of Gratitude

Students were challenged to write a short letter of gratitude to a roommate. See what they said.

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Ministering Through Mentoring

New Students Mentors and the work they do.

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Giant Trash

Taking out the trash.

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Our Shared Values: The BYU-Idaho Honor Code

A primary reason students choose to attend BYU-Idaho is the opportunity to gather with those who have shared values. President and Sister Eyring teach how these shared values connect with the…

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Student Q&A with President and Sister Eyring

President and Sister Eyring answer questions from students during the Spring 2017 Student Q&A.

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New Student Checklist Intro

Introduction of the new student checklist.

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Get Connected to BYU-Idaho

President and Sister Eyring invite new students to attend the Get Connected program.

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President Student Q&A March 9th 2017

A President Student Q&A with President Gilbert and Sister Gilbert. Given on March 9th 2017 in the Taylor Chapel

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Home is more than.....

Home is more than just where you live.

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Centre Square - Student Living Week

Highlights of Student Living Week activities at Centre Square.

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House Vs. Home

Make your apartment a home.

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The Golden Rule

Living the Golden Rule at BYU-Idaho.

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Lehi Santana

Pathway helped Lehi find hope to face the unknown.

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Home Evening

Learn how to have an effective home evening with your home evening groups.

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David Sorensen

David made Pathway more than an academic endeavor: It became a spiritual journey that resulted in a spiritual rescue.

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Student Living: A Pattern for Becoming Like the Savior

A conversation with President Gilbert on how to develop Christ-like love for your roommates and to be the kind of roommate you would want for yourself.

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Centre Square

VIdeo displaying the newly constructed Centre Square apartments.

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Reaching Out

Will you reach out to your roommates? Deciding to involve or not involve a roommate can significantly impact an apartment and an individual. It's not where you live...but how.

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Megan Parker: BYU-Idaho Student Learning Outcomes Project

Megan Parker answering the question: "What it would mean to citically read the Declaration of Independence.

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Elizabeth Eaton: BYU-Idaho Student Learning Outcomes Project.

Elizabeth Eaton answers question: What research have you done as a student at BYUI?

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Trent Rasmussen: BYU-Idaho Student Learning Outcomes Project.

Trent Rasmussen answers question: How would you tell if your student had an understanding of something?

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Moses Conteh

Join Moses Conteh as he shares how Pathway has answered his prayers for the desire to build his education and grow spiritually.

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Krissel Gonzalez

See how Pathway is helping Krissel be an example to her two children and continue in her goal toward a college degree.

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Ricks vs SLCC

Mens Basketball game between Ricks College and Salt Lake City College

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Ricks vs Dixie

Mens Basketball game between Ricks College and Dixie College

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